The Essentials for A Last-Second Move

Sometimes, moving yourself or someone you know into or out of a place (be it home or office) can show up out of nowhere. Though moving is a better thing when planned, it can’t be helped from time to time if one of your kids or friends randomly finds a new place they’re moving to or your work is switching offices.

No matter the scenario, having the few essentials needed for moving at the ready when moving begins is important in order to have everything arrive to the new place safely, in tact, and quickly. As a bonus, things will likely be more organized too, which will end up saving you and your moving crew much more time than having it all scattered about.

A trailer.

Be it flat bed, a closed trailer, or a rented one, you’re going to need more than just a buddy’s truck to get the job done. For the most part, we all have someone we know who will let us borrow a trailer, but if you’re in a pinch, don’t feel bad forking out some cash to rent one.

Cheap moving boxes.

These things are amazing when moving simply because it keeps your stuff in order, protected, and they often are made for more awkwardly shaped items like lamps and picture frames. You won’t even feel bad spending a few bucks for some cheap moving boxes considering how cheap they really are.


Straps are absolutely essential for your bigger pieces of furniture and appliances, especially if you value them and want them to remain in good condition. Again, anyone who does have a trailer (and often just a truck) should have some moving straps handy that have ratchets enabling you to tighten your bigger things down. Pro tip: put a furniture blanket (or old quilt) beneath the furniture straps if you’re strapping down leather or cloth; you don’t want the straps cutting into the furniture since you’ll be tightening it a lot.


The last essential on this list, handcarts are invaluable when it comes to moving heavier or more awkward things that you simply can’t just pick up with a partner and move. Save yourself the strain and energy by having this handy. They come in far more use than just having for moving, so think about stowing it away in the garage where it’ll likely see a lot of use. They’re not too expensive, either.